Public Parking


The City’s Parking lot is located at 162 Adams St., Walking distance to International Bridge 1, Downtown Area, Eagle Pass Chamber of Commerce, City Park, Fort Duncan Museum, Fort Duncan Ruins, Moncada Baseball Field and Eagle Pass Golf Course.

  Parking options:

  • 100 Visitor Parking Spots
  • 7    Bicycle Parking Spots
  • 6    Handicap Parking Spots
  • 2   Electric Vehicle Spots
  • Business Hours:  24 hours

Payment is made at the completion of your visit by scanning your entry ticket into the automated pay machine at the exit. The gate will open once payment is processed.


Parking Rules 

  • All vehicles must be parked within one parking space.
  • No trailers are permitted.
  • Bicycles must be parked in the racks provided.
  • Vehicles are authorized in the parking lot for up to 7 consecutive days.



  • Any violation of the parking rules or staying more than 7 consecutive days may result in vehicle being towed away at owners’ expense.
  • The City of Eagle Pass is not responsible for any accident, damage or loss caused to vehicles.
  • Parking Lot Ordinance