Platting Types

Preliminary Plats

A Preliminary Plat is required if you are proposing to subdivide more than 1 acre of land into 5 or more lots. This type of plat exhibits the following information necessary to ensure that all development regulations have been met:

  • Drainage
  • Lots
  • Street layout
  • Utility easements
  • Other relevant information

This document exhibits proposed land improvements; it is not recorded and it is not the legal document used for the sale of lots. Once approved, the applicant may proceed to the final plat process.

Final Plats

The Final Plat is an exhibit that depicts exact dimensions and bearings of each lot in a subdivision. The final plat depicts all improvements that will be completed by the developer. This document becomes the official permanent record of the division of land. Final Plats may include all or a portion of the property and must comply with the approved preliminary plat. Easements and public rights of way are dedicated when the plat is recorded with Maverick County.

Amended Plats

An Amended Plat is required if you are relocating a lot line, combining lots, correcting an error, or need minor changes to a formerly recorded plat.

Plat Vacation

A Plat Vacation is used to void the last plat filed and recorded with the County. Vacating a plat will remove all rights-of-way and easements that were dedicated by the existing plat.