International Center for Trade Fees

Prices for the International Center for Trade subject to change.

  1. Non-Commercial Events
  2. Commercial Events

Ballroom Rental Fees

Ballroom OptionSquare FeetDeposit4 Hour Rental Fee5 Hour Rental Fee6 Hour Rental FeeAll Day Rental Fee (8 or more hours)
Option 1 - Entire Ballroom14,923$250$1,300$1,600$1,900$2,400
Option 2 - Big Half8,553$150$900$1,140$1,400$1,800
Option 3 - Small Half6,390$150$800$1,000$1,200$1,600
Option 4 - Big Half of Option 34,260$150$600$700$800$1,000
Option 5 - Small Half of Option 32,130

Meeting Room Rental Fees

Meeting Room OptionSquare FeetDeposit 4 Hour Rental Fee5 Hour Rental Fee6 Hour Rental FeeAll Day Rental Fee (8 or more hours)
East Room - Option 12,400$150$500$640$800$1,000
East Room - Option 21,200$150$320$400$480$560
East Room - Option 31,200$150$320$400$480$560
West Room2,293$250$700$840$1,000$1,300

Convention Fees - Entire Facility (Except Offices)

Caterer Bond per Year$350
Parking Lot (events outside)$300
Rate per day$4,000
With 200 Room Guarantee$2,000

50%AllM-F8-5pConventions Only



*Subject to blackout dates in June and December

Facility Manager has the discretion to offer discounted rates of up to 50% when a date is available and there are less than 90 days remaining to that date. Discounts do not apply to maintenance deposit or any other uses listed on subsections below. 


The city reserves the right to operate concessions for the sale of food, drinks, programs, novelties, souvenirs, ect.

ICT prices are subject to change.