Services & Tolls

ExpressCardNewDesExpress Cards (Prepaid, Reloadable Cards) are available to customers for faster crossings into Mexico. These cards are electronically read by a card reader and automatically debits the account. They can be used at both International bridges in Eagle Pass when traveling to Mexico.

Reloading Options

Express Card account holders can sign up for online access where they can view account activity and add funds to their account using credit/debit cards. Customers also have the convenience of reloading their card at any toll booth with a collector present, or at the Bridge II office.

Express Cards can be obtained at the Bridge II office 24 hours a day. Call 830-773-2622 for more information.

Toll Fares(Effective May 23, 2023)                   

ClassU.S. DollarsExpress Card CostMexican Peso
Cars and Pickup Trucks$4.00$4.00$90.00
2-axle Commercial Trucks$11.00$11.00$240.00
3-axle Commercial Trucks$16.50$16.50$355.00
4-axle Commercial Trucks$22.00$22.00$475.00
5-axle Commercial Trucks$27.50$27.50$595.00
6-axle Commercial Trucks$33.00$33.00$710.00
Buses (2-axle)$11.00$11.00$240.00
Motorcycles (Must use attended lane)$4.00$4.00$90.00

  • For each additional axle, non-commercial vehicles are $2.00 U.S. dollars or $45.00 pesos.
  • For each additional axle, commercial vehicles are $5.50 U.S. dollars or $120.00 Pesos.