Recycling Center


In June of 1994, this department applied for and was awarded a $150,000 dollar grant to establish a recycling center to serve our community. Grant funds were used to purchase a compactor truck ($36,900), vertical balers ($21,042), platform scale ($3,500), forklift and attachments ($27,738) filter crusher ($6,000), recycling bins ($4,000) and a heavy duty paper shredder ($15,000). Funds were also used to fund the employees’ salaries for the first year.

Drop-Off Center

Currently, we have our Drop-Off Center which is open to the public free of charge. 

Three men in work uniform shirts posing for a picture

It is doubtful that this department will ever be self-sustaining however our council has chosen to continue the funding of the department which is helpful in eliminating environment problems.


The department recycles approximately 1,000 tons per year and receives approximately $70,000 from the sale of corrugated cardboard. All other materials recycled such as paper, magazines, plastic, etc, do not have a market. We need to keep in mind that by recycling 1,000 tons we are diverting 1,000 tons from having to go to a landfill in San Antonio with a $15 per ton cost on transportation and another $15 per ton for tipping.

Do-It-Yourself Recycling Center

The combination of city resources and grant funds from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) allowed the installation of our used oil recycling center. Two 500 gallon tanks were purchased with grant funds and set up at the Public Works yard. Citizens of Eagle Pass and the County of Maverick use the center free of charge. An oil filter crusher has also been installed at the Public Works yard. All crushed filters are sold as scrap metal.