Sparky the Fire Dog and firefighters ride on a truck during a parade

Ambulance Standby

Throughout the year a number of events take place in which an ambulance is requested to be present. These events include Special Olympics, the March for Jesus, local parades and sporting events among others.

First Aid & Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The fire department has a number of instructors who through the year provide CPR and First Aid to residents and organizations in our community. 

For more information or to schedule a class, call the fire department at 830-757-4231.

Obtaining Reports

If you have had a fire or medical emergency, you will need a report of your emergency for insurance purposes. The cost of a fire report is $0.10 per page.

For a copy of a fire report call the Eagle Pass Fire Department at 830-757-4231. 

If you are a patient involved in the transport and you would like a copy of your medical report please call 830-757-4231 for information and instructions on obtaining medical records. Medical records are released only to patients unless there is a subpoena or court order for the release.

Fire Prevention

In addition to a yearly fire prevention event at the Fire Department, the Fire Marshal's Office also offers fire inspections.

Customer Service Surveys

Please take the time to take our Fire Department's Customer Service Survey. You can submit the survey in English online

The survey is also available in Spanish (PDF) or English (PDF) for download. Please fill out and send it to us via email or drop it by any one of our locations. Thank you!